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Thararah's Site!!
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About Me

Here's everything that you will ever know about me...

Hi Here is where your going to be able to find everything I will ever tell to anyone! You'll be able to find out my likes, dislikes and everything that I do keeping me very busy!

Here are also some picture which I felt I should put on here. For example, the picture of POOH AND FRIENDS I know its sad and pathetic but still that me for ya!!! xx

St. John Ambulance Logo


Favorite Stuff

Here are some the things that i like the most:

Favourite Movie: School Of Rock
Favourite Music: Anything
Favourite Book: The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things.
Favourite Food: Chocolate
Favourite Animal: Cats
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Piece Of Clothing: Jeans
People I Most Admire: All of my mates and family

Pooh and friends!!!!!

Activities!!!!!! :

Here is where I am going list some of my activities that I do during the week!

As most of u already know I am always busy doing something or other during the week.
My favourite one is ST. John Ambulance Cadets. I go to cadets every monday night from 6:45pm-8pm. There I meet all of my mates including Dan, Zac, Jess and Jen we then do first aid and have a whole lot of fun. I also help to run the division by planning the programme with Dan, we always try to do a variety of fun. If your interested in joining everyone is welcome just get in touch with me at .
Also during the week I go swimming, help at a guide group, teach little kids to swim and once a month I go to transition to meet more some mates and extend my St. John's thingy.